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A Day in the Life of a Millennial Day Trader 2021

 with the eggs

okay please give me a good price
once everyone sings okay okay okay
two cents a [ __ ] just kidding
that kind of crazy starts only happens a
few times a year as a day trader I
usually wake up at 4 a.m. here in the
Pacific West Coast which is 7 a.m.
market time once a while I'll jump out
of bed and run straight to locate
borrows too short a stock but most times
that's not really necessary once I got
up I'll run to brush my teeth and get
ready for the morning
and then it's Coffee time I don't really
eat breakfast but I always need coffee
to start the day while we're waiting I
know what you're thinking Oh in all of
millennia with their fancy snobby drip
coffee I'm too cheap for that I don't do
anything like that I just know do the
store bought a coffee grind from kicking
horse coffee cost me like 10 bucks for
the entire month and by drip over coffee
and mint pour over coffee
while I wait for my coffee to brew I
usually like to stretch and do some yoga
to waken up my body
after I got my stretch and a coffee it's
time to start working on reading the
news scanning the market and writing out
my trading plan this is the part that
takes the most time it's a preparation
before the market even opens okay so now
that I have my coffee in my system and
finally tonight yoga morning stretch and
finally a little bit more awake now
because it's tough waking at 4:00 a.m.
every single day and the Pacific rescue
west coast just to trade at 6:30 when
market opens but no I'm not big yogi or
anything I just do it enough to stay fit
and to you know wake myself up in the
morning I'll usually prepare and get
ready until about 6 a.m. it's now about
6:20 and 10 minutes before the market
opens this is a time for me to do any
last-minute strictures and prepare
before the market opens and from 6:30 to
around 8:00 a.m. is where I do the most
active trading this is usually the time
when the markets are the most volatile
and provide us a lot of ranges to trade
to the upside and the downside a lot of
people think oh when you're day trading
you're literally like punching buttons
buying and selling all day long but
that's not true at all
actually most of the work I do in
I plan out before the market even opens
so when market opens I'm just literally
executing my training plan either to buy
or sell at stock at any particular price
I already planned out there will be days
where I make five to ten trades a day
sometimes a little bit more if the
market is really volatile and there's a
lot of opportunities well I'll take you
know maybe 20 to 30 trades a day but
that's really rare a lot of times when
I'm trading and I'm literally just
waiting for the setups to come to me I
would go on Amazon to shop or I'll go on
Facebook and YouTube because it's
literally wait
cheaper for me to do so then to go in to
buy or short a stock that's not ideal
for me the key is patience patience
patience that's the hardest thing to do
in trading at around 9 o'clock isn't
where I take a small break and eat some
yes that's right I'm eating dried fish
it's a weird no I don't think so but is
it delicious absolutely and in most days
I also need to go back and take an hour
of beauty nap because you know waking up
at 4 a.m. on the Pacific West Coast is
not easy once I woke up from a nap from
11 o'clock to 1 p.m. is where I'm just
usually observing the market sometimes
I'll trade once a while if there's good
opportunities but most of the time I'm
just listening to news watching YouTube
and chatting with other traders in the
afternoon I'm just mostly observing the
market and preparing for tomorrow
basically and by the way this is like
the perfect time for me to sit here and
catch up and all my YouTube
subscriptions and I'll make sure to you
know tap those like buttons on all the
subscriptions and do my part to help out
with everyone else's YouTube algorithm
once the bell rings at 1 p.m. in the
markets closed that's where I finally
can cook and eat my lunch so I'll admit
when it comes to cooking and probably
the laziest person ever like I just
really don't give a [ __ ] about cooking
usually I'll eat some leftovers or some
takeout or just throw some Instagram and
on the stove yes that's right this is
instant ramen I need to get my daily
dose of MSG Sok after lunch I'll go back
to Journal Mex raids catch up on some
news if there's any after-hours movers
and doing some miscellaneous work on my
computer a lot of times this is where I
will plan out my YouTube videos around 3
p.m. in the afternoon is when I'm
finally getting ready to go out this
well change and do some very minimal
makeup if you've been following me on a
YouTube channel you know I care as much
about makeup as I do with cooking I
really don't give a [ __ ]
I don't really believe in spending 20-30
minutes putting on layers of powder on
my face I got just not me my go-to
makeup look will take me less than five
minutes and maybe once or twice a year
for some special occasion I'll spent a
lot of extra work on my makeup yes
that's right instead of five minutes now
I'll give it ten minutes before I go out
I just want to take a quick second to
admire my new shower curtain I got it
after my optometrist told me that I'm
staring at a screen too much and I need
to look at more trees so I got this so I
don't have to go out anymore now that
I've gotten ready it's time to pick up
my friend to go to workout so there's a
running joke I'm a channel that I only
want a Civic and not a Lamborghini and
that's pretty true I Drive a Toyota
Corolla from the early 2000s when my
family and I immigrated to Canada this
car may now be worth a lot but it really
means a lot to me I remember all the
struggles my parents had when they first
moved the entire family to this foreign
country it was extremely difficult for
them to get a car with no credit history
whatsoever and this car really just
represents all the first five years of
struggle was a first-generation
immigrant family
so this is my friend Belinda and we've
been pole dancing together for about two
years now we take our classes at Tantra
this is our instructor Mickey
I think Mickey secretly enjoys torturing
us each week in the pole dancing classes
pole dancing is hard it's an extremely
painful sport it's pretty not as easy as
most people think
after two hours of intense workout it's
time to eat and yes to put back all the
calories we just sweat off my friend
Belinda and I love to eat and one of our
go-to food is Vietnamese pho and fried
spring rolls after we're done eating
it's time to go home
wind down shower and getting ready for
bed and we'll start the cycle again
tomorrow at 2 a.m.