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Best Day Trading Computer Station for 2021- Day Trading Gaming Set Up

 I’ll be going over the tech specs of everything.

But, thats not all. Its great to have all these fast executions nad powerful computer
and all. But im an asian grandma getting old from staring
at tape and level 2 all day. I need to make sure my eyes, mylegs, knees and my back dont
break. And I’m able to do that today wit the help of Autonomous.
So i’ll also be going over both my computer and ergonomic setup here, so you can stay
healthy, and protect your body while you day trade.
And dont worry, I’ll be breaking down all the cost and give you my honest opinion on
all these products. Before we start, make sure to drop a like at the bottom of the video
to make it rain.
PC gaming tower with al lthese RGB lights thing because thats what all the cool kids
are doing nowadays. Here arre the tech specs for the tower:
CPU is Intel I5 9600 Hexa core. GPU is Nvda RTX 2060. So very fast processor and graphics
card. This build also has 16Gs of ram. 240gs of solid state drive, and 2TB standard disk
drive, and water cooling.
But I will say though, even after all these years of using this home PC set up, and my
travel trading set up, if you are asking me today. “Humbled trader, what exactly does
all of that technical jargon mean”
I will still tell you, I have no fking clue. Especially the watercooling. Just kidding,
i know what all of that means I promise. Just let me google it first.
You know what they say, there are 3 important people you wnat to keep close in your life,
a good lawyer, a good accountant, and a good wife or husband, just kidding, you just a
good search engine.
All jokes aside, .I’ve had this day trading home PC set up for almost 2 years now. And
i am extremely happy with the performance speed. It handles all my charts, multiple
brokers, scanners, and my premarket conference calls with my trading chat room seamlessly.
And i ‘ve never had any issues.
Next we have my monitors.
I have 4 LG 24inch LED monitors with 75 hertz refresh rate. The colors are amazing on these
displays. These screens are about $120 each.But I do think I need more screen space. They
were great for about 6 months but as I start running more platforms and open more and more
brokers, I definitely want bigger screens soon.
So Im am waiting to upgrade to some 32 inch Dell 4K displays. Im just waiting for that
sale you know.
The screens are connected with 2 HDMI cables and 2 DPI cables that goes directly to the
NVDA RTX graphics card, which has 4 ports. So that part is pretty simple.
4 Current screens are mounted on this Quad Vivo mount which i got from Amazon for $60
pretty cheap. Sturdy + cable management system at the back. But the issue is that I find
it impossible still to align the screens perfectly. Theres these tiny gaps
and offsets thats constantly triggering my OCD tendencies.
Because of this, I havent had a good nights sleep in about a year.
Now lets talk about the rest of the stuff here on my desk. A very key update I’ve
done recently is finally, afer all these years of trading, changing to a standing desk, and
a an ergo chair. A big thank you to Autonomous for providing me these products to try.
I was so tired from sitting all day in front of my trading set up. As you guys saw many
of my videos, I sometimes will stand up to stretch ,but if I see a stock popping up or
a set up showingon my charts, then Ill have to bend my back to look at the monitors.
Doing that once is fine, but try doing that 10 times a day, 5 days a week. Thats incredible
straining on your body.
Thanks to SnartDesk 2 standing desk, i feel a drastic improvement in my body after a month
of using it. I can now preset the desk to my usual standing and sitting heights, and
change things up for my body throughout the day. So my legs, knees, and back all get the
balanced rest they deserve after a full day of trading and working in front of the computer.
Visually the SmartDesk 2 is minimal and very sleek. Now looking in hindsight I kind of
wish i picked the lighter colors like white and light grey on their website. But I think
picked a dark color on the surface and the legs, because i want them to match the circles
under my eyes.
Besides the standing desk, I also really needed a better ergonomic chair. And Autonomous matched
my standing desk with Ergo chair 2.
This chair is so comfortable to sit in. it offers a tilt tension mechanism with lots
of flexible support. I can also adjust the seat tilt and height, the back tilt and tension
which is very breathable, and even the headrest as well.
So nwo we have a standing desk and ergo chair. But as you can see,my feet doesnt touch the
ground when Im sitting on the chair. Even though its adjusted to be the lowest height
possible. Thats why I have underneath my desk, a footrest.
That allows my feet to feel supported and rest comfortably when Im sitting down and
working at my computer.
Now we have our back, legs and feet covered, the next part that is also very important
is my eyes. Have you stared at level 2 and tape all day from trading and feel extreme
eye strain? Yeah i have too.
Thats why its important to make sure I have ample lighting and no glare so my eyes dont
have to work too hard. This year I have my screen lit up with BenQ screen bar plus. Thank
you to BenQ for sending these lights to try. I tried both the original screenbar, and then
the improved plus version over here.
I can honestly say that this BenQ lamp is a gamechanger. Before I used to have table
lamps right beside my monitor that would create glare on my screen and lots of clutter. But
now I can hook this lamp on the top of my monitor.
And it comes with a really cool control dial. I can press a button to let the light automatically
adjust the l brightness and color with the built in sensor, or I can switch to manual
mode and adjust the color and brightness myself. I can take take this lamp off and put it on
my personal laptop too.
I really like the BenQ light screen bar plus. But the original monitor light screen bar…
not so much… So yeah thats why i prefer the other one.
What also helps with my eye strain are my blue light blocker glasses. These are pretty
standard you can get any at any optometrist nowadays. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments
on this glasses. got this pair from bailey nelson for about $250.
Some very new updates are my mouse and keyboard as well. I recently got the logitech MX vertical
mouse. This mouse is great for people with tightness on their forearm or wrist from carpel
Like ive mentioned before, my right arm is fked from my previous job in film and vfx.
So thats why using a vertical mouse really prevents my arm muscles from feeling sore
and really tight. Some other alternative mouse options are the original MX master for people
who normal and healthy arms, and the MX ergo for those with wrist problems who want even
more care.
I really like the logtiech MX mouse series because of the logitech flow. That allows
me to use the same mouse on multiple computers between my PC and macbook. And I can use the
mouse both tethered and wireless which is a big deal. This Logtitech vertical mouse
is a bit expensive though its about $92 US, or $120 in canada.
Finally we can talk about my keyboard, which is a Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical keyboard.
I love the tactile feeling of the keys and the bounces. While many people find the sound
annoying, I actually love it. Much much more than the keys on my gaming laptop.
As full time traders we spend a good 8 to 12 hours a day in front of our computers.
So its definitely worth the investment to look into standing desks, lights, glasses
and chairs that will keep you healthy and comfortable as you focus on trading.
I will leave all the computer specs and all the products i mentioned in the description
Let me know in the comments section what kind of trading computer do you have? Do you have
a standing desk? And how do you reduce you eye strain
and keep your back
and legs healthy?