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How to Make $1 Million FAST Day Trading

 I know what you’re thinking, its another rich millionaire dude with a lambo, But-

But you’re wrong, its a rich millionaire girl with a lambo.
Hi, my name is Shay, and I go by humbled trader, that name is just a joke. Once you’ve made
millions in trading, who cares if ur humble or not.
Check out my new ride the 2019 lamborghini Hurracan
Aventador spyder!
Check out my new ride the 2019 lamborghini aventador spyder.
Yeah that's right, this is a $500,000 car. You wanna know how i got it, while working
only an hour day, and from anywhere in the world making these easy cash?
The secret… day trading.
I have discovered a winning formula that allows my students and I to make hundreds of thousands
of dollars each year trading in the stock market.
Forget about studying technical analysis, doing your fundamental research, or worst
of all, reading SEC filings.
Why bother with all that hard work?
You see, 90% of the traders fail, because they’re working too hard.
They don't have the one secret strategy, a proven formula that’ll get you this baby
(the lambo).
You wanna know what it is… well you’re about to find out
But first, let me ask you a question…
Are you terribly single? Did your girlfriend or boyfriend leave you for a much hotter,
and richer partner? Well i wouldn't know, because that kind of crap doesn't happen to
Guess what, my secret trading formula solves more than just your money problems. It’ll
get you a nice six pack, hot pole dancers,
can you like, hug me like you mean it. Im paying you to help me sell the dream you know.
What can I say, no body can get enough of me and my one true love, the benjamins.
Introducing the day trading millionaire starter pack. If you’re broke, this is the perfect
plan for you.
Enough with all the thinking and researching hard work. My day trading text alerts plan
is the easiest and fastest way to start making money today.
Step 1 purchase my winning million dollar text alerts plan.
Step 2 enter your phone number, and don’t worry, you won’t get any unwanted dick pics
Step 3 wait for my winning text alerts sent straight to your phone every day.
When i say buy you buy, when i sell, you sell. It's as simple as that. Even a fifth grader
can do it.
*iphones are not included*
And as an exclusive special deal for you, if you purchase within the next 24 hours,
you can receive an extra 90% with coupon code: ARPIL1ST
Hey is this stock a good buy?
Not now! Im busy
Originally priced at $2000, now this millionaire starter pack can you yours for 90% off at
only $200/mo.
That like, less than what you pay on your student loans interests each month! For only
$200, you can receive winning text alerts straight to your cell phone.
So you listen to me, and you listen well.
Are you behind on your credit card bills. Good! Click the buy button and start banking.
Is your landlord kicking you out next month? Good! Click the buy button and start banking.
Does your girlfriend or boyfriend think you are a broke pathetic loser? Good! Click the
buy button and start banking.
I want to deal with your problems, by becoming a filthy rich day trader owning a green
You see, my formula is more than just a rich quick scheme. as you know, if it sounds too
good to be true, it's because… you haven't bought it yet.
All you have to do to do Click the buy button and get ready to start banking with me and
this lamborghini. Lets go!
What the… , how do you start this stupid thing. Is there like a key hole, or like a
button somewhere.
Hey you been in one of these things? let me call.
Shay calls the rental company. We hear customer service from rental company on the other end.
Hi I just rented a Lambo aventador spyder from you, its my first time in a lambo, how
do u start this thing.
What? I have to find a lid, open it, and click it? Com’on man Im being charged $500 by
the hour here.
Stop filming… cut this part out
Where the hell is it? The flip switch. Oh…….. I see. This is supposed to be a half a million
dollar car? This is a rip off.
If a car really cost $500,000 dollars, it should start by itself like friken Alexa,
and make me breakfast.
Oh hey. Welcome to my crib! This is a $25 million dollar downtown vancouver condo, all
paid for by… no, not by my mommy or daddy…. Its all paid for by.. you know it, my #1 day
trading secret formula.
I get it, my $200/mo text alert plan, might not be for you. Afterall, you still have to
click the buy and sell button yourself. And Thats just too much work.
And you know what they say.. If youre working too hard, then you’ll never become a millionaire
Introducing my “How to make Lamborghini money” DVD.
inside the dvd there is the secret artificial intelligence algorithm that will automatically
buy the bottom and sell the top for you. No education needed and 0 work required.
You want to live like a king? All of this can be yours, for only $9,999.
Realtor: Hey miss, you’ve been here for a long time, this is an open house, i have
other groups coming in to see the house.
Shay, clearly nervous: Oh shit. We’re almost done here
Realtor: No no you guys been here for hours. Can you even afford the house? Its $23 million.
Realtor: hey you’re not allowed to film in here, this is an open house.
Shhh… is he gone?
Ok lets continue
So Stop cheaping out like your broke. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and stop having
to steal toilet paper from work, and start living like a king.
All of this, for only $9000. And this exotic car and this luxurious house can be yours
too. And did i mention the house comes with hot pole dancers?
So click the buy button and start banking now.
Stop spending hours each night studying charts and stop trying to analyze news and fundamentals.
All of this good life, can be yours at a click of a button
As you know, if it sounds too good to be true, it's because… you haven't bought it yet.
Stop asking questions, and stop making excuses. Click that buy button and start banking today,
if you click buy within the next 24 hrs only. You’ll receive a special 90% off, with a
coupon April1ST!
Time is running out. Dont wait, start making millions today!


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